Spiritwatch Literature Downloads & Real Audio/Video Links Page

Throughout the Spiritwatch site are links to downloadable tract forms of our materials as well as links to Real Audio and Real Video media that supplement our mission of Christian discernment. For your convenience, we have made all of these links available on one page. 

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file forms of our tracts and the free Real Player to listen and/or view the Real Audio and Real Video clips of Spiritwatch and non-Spiritwatch media. 

Spiritwatch Tracts and Distributed Literature - in PDF format - requires Acrobat Reader

  Each PDF document is two pages and is designed for two-side copying to create more literature


What The Mormon Missionaries Won't Tell You At The Door (31 kb)


What Jehovah's Witnesses Won't Tell You At The Door (33 kb)


Something Wicca This Way Comes - The New Season Of The Witch in America (69 kb)


Understanding Satanism (67 kb)


What About Harry Potter? - For Parents (46 kb)


Freemasonry And Christianity (65 kb)


Examples Of Deception In The Unification Church (50 kb)


The "We Will Stand" Tour: Gift To America Or Trojan Horse? (67 kb)


The International Churches Of Christ Bible Studies: Discipleship Or Domination? (54 kb)


Halloween: Treat Or Trick? (155 kb)


More tracts on cults, discernment issues and the occult to come! be watching for them ..


Spiritwatch  Teachings -  in Real Audio format - requires RealPlayer 8

  Understanding Cult Mind Control - Mike Spencer (coming soon!)

  Spiritual Abuse And The Five-Fold Ministry - (25 min. excerpt) Rafael Martinez

  In And Out Of Wicca: An Ex-Wiccan Speaks - (32 min.) Donalyn Vaughn

  Revelation Knowledge - (17 min.) Donna Petree 


Real Video Presentations (offsite) -  in Real Audio format - requires RealPlayer 8

  RealVideo Film By Carey Burtt: How To Be A Cult Leader - Mind Control Made Easy  

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