Videos On Remnant Fellowship and Gwen Shamblin They Won't Be Webcasting


Christian Broadcasting Network - "Theological Split" (2000)

Focuses upon Gwen Shamblin's rejection of the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity in the summer of 2000 and her twisted view of grace that views the overweight person as outside the grace of God.

Interviews with ex-WDW coordinators Carney Hawkins, Pam Sneed and Deanna Lewis, Dr. Vinson Synan of Regent University, Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach and Gwen Shamblin herself.


Newschannel 5 WTVF - "Weigh Down Workshop" (2001)

Reports on the national emergence of the WDW and Remnant Fellowship, its high profitability for Shamblin, lawsuits filed by former WDW employees who refused to join Shamblin's Remnant Fellowship, and the bizarre connection to those starved in the Holocaust that Shamblin has made to her own WDW philosophy.

Interviews with ex-WDW counselor Tonya Cardente, Rabbi Mark Schiftan and Gwen Shamblin herself. Excerpted portions of the third part of the report were reconstructed in this video clip due to technical reasons.

Newschannel 9 WTVC - "Faith Or Fraud" (2002)

Reports on how WDW recruitment efforts are used for proselytizing church members for Remnant Fellowship and shows Shamblin's increasingly strident and judgmental posturing when asked direct questions about her doctrine. The chilling parallels between RF and other cults are also discussed.

Interviews with RF members Jayne Fiedler and Charlie Crosslin, Rev. Rafael Martinez of Spiritwatch Ministries and Gwen Shamblin herself.

WKRV 4 - "God And Weight Loss" (2004)

Susan Harding presents an investigation into Remnant Fellowship's WDW connection, the Weigh Down Diet itself, as well looking at RF's cultic elitism that divides families and endangers children. Attention is given to the church's position on obedience and child discipline and how RF culture helps reinforce this. This is one of the first reports on the connection between RF and the tragic Smith case that outlines its cultism. 

Interviews with Don Veinot, Midwest Christian Outreach, Tedd Anger and Gwen Shamblin herself.

Newschannel 5 WTVF - "Firm Beliefs" (2004)

A 3 part expose on the deepening cultism of Gwen Shamblin and Remnant Fellowship, focusing on their questionable teaching on child discipline, the fatal child abuse inflicted by Joseph and Sonya Smith that resulted in their conviction for murdering one of their sons, and how deeply RF leadership was involved in the affair. It also reveals the extent of religious abuse and deceptive authoritarianism found in the group that Shamblin sanctifies as lying for God.

Interviews with RF members Tedd Anger and Gwen Shamblin, ex-RF members David and Teri Phillips, and ex-RF recruit Adam Brooks.

WKRV 4 - "The Smith Bonding" (2004) 

Press coverage by Susan Harding of the bond hearing for the Smiths when the Shamblins as well as Tedd and Candace Anger decided to appear to add moral support for them. Details of the autopsy of Josef Smith's body, as well as police interrogations of the Smiths by Cobb County investigator David Schweitzer are made public. 

Interviewed is RF "deacon" Tedd Anger who defends the Smiths as innocent of the boy's death, posing their alternate view of what happened in the Smith home, a view that jurors in their 2007 trial would ultimately reject.


Good Morning America - "The Scales Of Faith" (exc) (2005) 

In an appearance on "Good Morning America" with RF leaders Tedd and Candace Anger and a RF member named Janet, Diane Sawyer starts to connect the dots for the millions watching whom the WDW hopes to ensnare. She askes if the WDW's premise in connecting one's weight to God's approval isn't the same as saying that being overweight is a sin.  

Their attempt to answer the question must not be forgotten. It's probably why you won't find this portion of the interviews on any WDW or RF website. 

News 2 WKRN - "Murder Trial Verdict / Remnant Fellowship" (2007)

Two separate reports on the verdict in the Smith murder trial and the nature of Remnant Fellowship itself with reports from the Cobb County, Georgia courthouse and the material and moral support that Remnant Fellowship offered to them. 

Reports filed by WKRN reporters Anne Holt, Jamie Tucker and Mitch Roberts, with comments from a resident living near the Remnant church in Brentwood as well as a statement issued by Gwen Shamblin vowing to appeal the verdict. The Smiths now are serving life sentences after being convicted for murdering their son Josef.

Geraldo At Large - "Praying To Be Thin" (2007)

A brief but cautionary spot detailing the "loving counsel" offered to two Remnant members who were found unable to comply with "the message" when found struggling with weight and depression.

Features portions of the personal testimonies of ex-RF members Teri Phillips and Laura Nichols and a brief comment by cult researcher Rick Ross.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporaton - "Divine Dieting" (exc) (2007)

The opening segment of a CBC broadcast concerning the activity of the Remnant Fellowship and how it is related with the Weigh Down Workshop business, with insight on the emphasis and allure of the WDW. 

Features portions of the interviews with RF members Regina Smith and Gwen Shamblin and the personal testimony of ex-RF member Teri Phillips. See the whole clip online by clicking here.

The Tyra Banks Show conclusion - "Church of Thin" (2007)

While Remnant Fellowship rejoiced after the airing of this episode of the Tyra Banks show, believing that the entire episode was a divinely ordained infomercial for the group, they cannily cut this epilogue that Banks gave out of their own online excerpts. 

Upon viewing of this clip, you will see why Remnant decided not to include in their WDW webcasting lineup either.  


WSMV 12 - "Dangerous Diet?" (2008)

In light of the publicity being generated by the media's attention to the weight loss of RF members Andy and Maggie Sorrells, WSMV focuses briefly upon Gwen Shamblin, the WDW and its intimate and direct connection to the Remnant Fellowship.  

Features interviews with Andy and Maggie Sorrell - who affirms the RF belief that Shamblin is indeed a prophet from God - and an anonymous former member of the Remnant Fellowship. 


Fox News Channel - The Morning Show With Mike And Juliet (2008)

An excerpt from a Fox morning broadcast that focused briefly upon which the Weigh Down Workshop. Shamblin's standard send up on her diet is given perspective by two dieticians who give their own opinions on the diet's practice and philosophy. This part of the show also didn't make it on any WDW webcasting for reasons that will become all too obvious, to RF's discomfort.

Features interviews with Gwen Shamblin and Heather Sanchez.

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