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Has the time you've devoted to a small group and/or global organization left you in a bondage of heart and mind you can't describe, much less shake off? We understand.

Do you have friends or family who turned into complete strangers and cut themselves off from you as they embraced the dictates of a new religion that dominates their time?  We do understand.

Have weeks turned into years of your life spent in confusion, fear and isolation the deeper you've been involved with a social movement that seems so "right"? 
We really do understand.

                 We can help - compassionately, confidentially and quickly!

Since 1993, Spiritwatch Ministries has been among the few Christian outreaches exclusively dedicated to providing help for those who've become unwilling victims of religious abuse and spiritual deception imposed upon them by involvement with aberrant groups of all persuasions. We've been helping people all over our nation for over 21 years and stand ready to help you.

Our Christian orientation offers non-coercive caring and non-judgmental assistance in the name of Jesus Christ that has consistently respected the spiritual journeys of those we've helped over the years and offers assistance in personal recovery from the abuses of mind, heart and spirit at their own pace. It is entirely aimed at helping those struggling under the bondage of cultic mind control and religious abuses with a threefold model of personal self-discovery and transformation:

1. to move beyond personal consequences into personal order/equilibrium, 

2. to understand what has happened to them and how their involvement led to misguidance, and

3. to think for themselves once more and regain a real spiritual balance they will personally own.

Help is a mouse click and email away!

We will respond to your request speedily and every inquiry is handled in the strictest confidence.


How Spiritwatch Ministries Can Help You - Services We Offer

Balanced Analysis On Questionable Groups

Spiritwatch Ministries takes seriously our adage to speak in love the truth. We will do the necessary research into the claims of  groups/movements which may concern you. Our researchers will make every effort to provide objective understanding of their teachings based upon available fact and not pop fable. Many Spiritwatch website articles are a result of this painstaking work.


Cult Awareness Seminars And Resourcing 

One of the greatest ways to help those confronted by cultism and religious abuse is to understand it and Spiritwatch Ministries has been in teaching ministry on these challenges since its beginning. We have held seminars and teaching sessions in venues across the nation providing solid perspective and sound discernment to raise awareness of and the countering of cult activity as needed.



Pastoral Spiritual Counseling and Care Sessions  

Counseling from a pastoral and spiritual perspective is based upon years of experience gleaned from helping men and women from all walks of life impacted adversely by cultism and religious abuse.  Care sessions involve an ongoing pastoral counseling relationship in a safe, confidential setting where personal issues can be regularly addressed. We do not offer professional mental health counseling and will make referrals as needed. Some testimonials are found on our home page and others are coming.


Thought Reform Awareness and Assessment 

We have observed the dynamics of cultic mind control behind much of the negative impact of abusive spirituality and activity. Our assistance will include a breakdown of how this social mechanism of control is present in the influence of the group in question. We believe that the Lifton model of mind control supplies crucial insight into the power of cultism: details by video


Interventions and Exit Counseling Services

When appropriate and requested, Spiritwatch Ministries can offer private interventions for individuals needing to reconsider their involvement with an abusive spiritual environment. These occur in quiet settings with the help of family and friends following Hassan's SI model of engagement. We assist in a non-confrontational manner and do not engage in coercive "deprogramming" involving anyone's confinement or loss of personal freedom.  A person may leave at any time in our discussions and personal choices are respected. The goal is to provide them alternative perspectives on their situation.


Support Group Networking (reforming since 2/2015)

Over the years, Spiritwatch Ministries support groups have helped many struggling with the consequences of involvement with an abusive groups a safe, secure and non-judgmental place to provide each other with encouragement, comfort, and advice on their experiences. Groups set up just for family and friends have also been conducted. We follow the guidelines set forth by the REFOCUS support group coalition which can be seen here.


The Spiritwatch INFOLine (being rebuilt)

The INFOLine is a fully computerized voice messaging system offering a variety of different prerecorded messages on cultism and religious abuse that are accessible by using the keys of a touch tone phone. It's faster than surfing for information on a smart phone! We logged well over 15,000 calls on the system from 1993 to 2002. Spiritwatch Ministries has recommitted to providing this assistance hotline 24/7 in the near future.


Spiritwatch Ministries serves all who request our help at no charge.

But love offerings and donations are very much needed and appreciated. Meeting our expenses depends entirely upon the giving of those who believe in our work and our ministry.  Your gifts will go a long way to helping us continue to speak the truth in love that no man or woman deceive you!

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