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pc.gifDo Web search engines dizzy you with information overload? Look no further! These are some of the best Web links we can recommend when it comes to Christian discernment and apologetic issues that believers can find on the Internet today.

However, Spiritwatch Ministries and our contributors do not necessarily endorse all the views you may find in these links. We would strongly take issue with quite a few of the positions some of these sites may present. However, even sites such as these offer unique and informative perspectives that provoke serious reflection for both  Christians and non Christians. Most of them offer great resources to the Body of Christ in the proclaiming and defense of the Christian faith - and the freedom of thought - that you just won't find anywhere else.

                     Updated January 15, 2015

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Sites In Other Languages

The Dialog Center International (German, Irish, Danish, Russian, English)
Centers For Apologetics Research  - (Russian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, and English)
CFAR is a unique missions network of Christian countercult ministries in mission fields around the world .
The CFAR link above goes to a page linking to all of them. To contact CFAR directly, click here
Kelebek - (various articles in Italian, German, French and English)


Apologetics and Information Ministry
Apologia Report - Home Page
China Horizons - for more information on cultism in China go to this archived article from China For Jesus
Christian Answers Network
Tekton Apologetics Ministries
Probe Ministries
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Reasons To Believe
The Crossroads Project

Apostolic / Oneness "Jesus Only" Pentecostals

Dividing Over Oneness: "Christian History" Article
Let Us Reason: Oneness Pentecostal Articles 
Lois' Home Page on Spiritual Abuse
Oneness Pentecostalism: An Analysis

Aum Shin Rykyo (Shoko Asahara)

Under Fire, Japan Sect Starts Over
Aum Shinrikyo: NRM Homepage Entry
Aum Shinrikyo: Once and Future Threat?

Biblical Issues/Controversies

How Can The Bible Be Authoritative? The Bible Gateway: Online Searches In Various Languages/Translations 
Is The Bible Historically Reliable?
Bible Translation - Links on The Translation of the Bible
Torah Codes: Don't Jump to Conclusions
Mathematicians' Statement on the Bible Codes

The International Churches of Christ / The "Boston Movement"

The Discipling Dilemma: Online Book
New Covenant Publications: a Counter Cult Ministry
RESOURCE: International Churches of Christ, Cults, Spiritual Abuse
REVEAL: Leaving the International Churches of Christ (ICC) (ICOC)

The Bruderhof Communities

The Other Side Of Joy (Archived Essay On The Bruderhof Communities) 
New York Times article - Of Family, Spirituality and Power
Peregrine Foundation
The Bruderhof Communities, some personal experiences and observations

Buddhist Sects

A Profile of Soka Gakkai
Cult articles on Soka Gakkai 
Soka Gakkai Expose
The Victims Of Soka Gakkai Association



Christian Identity Movement

Thunder On The Far Right
Watchman Fellowship Profile
HateWatch - An Educational Resource Combating Online Bigotry

Christian Science

The Christian Way
New York Times article - Review of "The Unseen Shore" by former Christian Science member Thomas Simmons
Doctors Speak On Christian Science Testimonials
CT 4/26/99: ARTICLE: Birth of a Troubled Conscience

Countercult Resources

NOTE: Watchman Fellowship has perhaps the most extensive online selection of quality researched articles on a wide variety of cultic movements and individuals from an Evangelical perspective. Check their site for information you might not find in these or any other links.

Alpha and Omega Ministries
Answers In Action
Atlanta Christian Apologetics Project - archive version as ACAP is defunct
Christian Apologetic & Research Ministry
Christian Apologetics and Bible Prophecy at the Jeremiah Project
Cultlink - archive version as Cultlink is defunct
Cults & New Religious Movements: A Bibliography
Cults On Campus - archive version as Cults On Campus is defunct
Evangelical Ministries to New Religions  
How Cults Work.Com  
International Cultic Studies Association
Jim Jones, Jonestown, and Official San Francisco
Let Us Reason Ministries 
Midwest Christian Outreach
New England Institute of Religious Research Website
Personal Freedom Outreach
Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries
REVIVE - Student Organization Countering College-Targetting Cults - archive version as REVIVE is defunct
Religious Information Network - Walter Martin
Spiritual Counterfeits Project
The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Watchman Fellowship

Divine Name Groups

Sacred Name Movement Errors About Yahweh and Yahshua
Errors Of The Sacred Name Movement - A Messianic Perspective
The Cult of the House Of Yahweh
Extreme Exclusive Sacred Name Movement


Surviving The Cult Eckankar
The Unauthorized Eckankar(tm) Page

Edification / Devotional

World Magazine Online
Testimonies Of The Christian Faith
International Christian Concern--Christian Persecution, Religious Liberty,
Quiet Time Ministries Online
The Voice of The Martyrs Website

Family/Children Of God

Moving On - Children Of The Children Of God
No Longer Children - an article by an ex-cult member
Sword of the Lord Ministries


Index - The Question of Freemasonry
Ephesians 5-11
Rooftop Ministries
Sound Doctrine Ministries
Freemasonry and Christianity
The John Ankerberg Show Page on Freemasonry

GA for Culture & Peace / Bethel Ministries / Providence Church (Jeong Myeong Seok)

How To Spot A Woolly Wolf
The JMS Cult aka GACP aka Setsuri aka Providence


Exposing The Hindu Myth that Jesus Is A Hindu God
Hinduism, Good News for Hindus
Christian Faith Page On Hinduism
Death Of A Guru - The Story of Rabindranath Maharaj
Christian Answers Page On Reaching Hindus


Answering Islam
Islam: The Way, The Truth and The Light?
Why Muslims Are Becoming The Best Evangelists
The Christian Response To The Muslim Debate

Jehovah's Witnesses

Watchman Expositor Articles on Jehovah's Witnesses
Comments from the Friends
Silent Lambs
Free Minds, Inc.
Associated  Jehovah's Witnesses For Reform on Blood
New Light Ministries
Watchtower Victims Memorial

Korean Cult Movements

Understanding Cults In Korea

The Kwanzaa "Holiday"

Local Church of Witness Lee

Tim Samoff Blog Commentary & Postings Of Ex & Former Members
The Sad Story Of The Fate of Light of Truth Ministries by Jim Moran
Light Of Truth Ministries - archived site
The "Local Church" Information Site

Mormonism / The LDS Church

Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Mormons In Transition
Recovery from Mormonism
The Mormonism Research Ministry Home Page
LDS Temple Endowment Homepage

The New Age Movement  & Counterculture

CANA - Christian Answers for the New Age
Separation of Guru and State? Influence of the New Age Movement on Public Education
Contemporary Issues in Alternative Medicine
The Hari Krishna Cult
Ex-Premie.Org - ex-followers of Prem Rawat, a.k.a. Maharaji,
"The Secret" - New Age or Christian?
The Cult Next Door 
Don't Touch That Dial: The New Age Practice Of Channeling
The New Age Worldview

The Occult


Pentecostal & Charismatic Discernment

Alliance Of Biblical Pentecostals
Pentecostal Articles Directory
Contemporary Pentecostal Issues
Cross + Word Christian Resource: Banner Ministries
Word Of Faith: Ten reasons to Reject Word-of-Faith Teachings
Pioneer Tract Society? Isaiah 58 Broadcast and Tracts? Do you need them?
Discernment Ministries
Strange Fire: Online Book
The Discernment Web Ring
Weighed And Found Wanting: Online Book

Recovery from Religious Abuse/Mind Control

Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center - Dr. Paul Martin
MeadowHaven - A Place To Rest, Heal And Grow - Rev. Bob Pardon
Freedom Of Mind Center - Steve Hassan
Ethical Standards for Thought Reform Consultants
Starting and Maintaining Support Groups
Recovery From Spiritual Abuse
REST ministries: Spiritual Abuse Recovery
SOSA -- Survivors of Spiritual Abuse
Wicked Shepherds
Spiritual Abuse Recovery
SNAP - The Survivors Network Of Those Abused By Priests

Roman Catholicism

Good News for Catholics Home Page - archived
Proclaiming The Gospel Ministries
Catholics And Protestants: How Big Are The DIfferences?
Roman Catholicism: Another Gospel
Stand to Reason Commentary - When Roman Catholicism Hinders the Gospel
Opus Dei Awareness Network
Welcome To Catholic Teaching Examined
Christian Resources
Satanism - FAQ


Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
Scientology Audited
Bare Faced Messiah: The True Story Of L. Ron Hubbard Online Book
The Scientology / Dianetics Comparative Theology Page
TIME Magazine Article Online: Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

Seventh Day Adventism

Good News Unlimited, Dr. Desmond Ford, 
Ex-Adventist Outreach
Life Assurance Ministries
Is The Seventh Day Adventist Church A Cult?


Tvind Alert - a dossier on Tvind, Planet Aid and IICD. Home page.

Unification Church

The Consortium Archive On Sun Myung Moon
FAQ on Moonies
New Covenant Publications: a Counter Cult Ministry
True Light Educational Ministries - archive
TED Talk by Ex-Moonie Diane Benscoter


Unity School of Christianity - Christian Or Cult?
Unity School of Christianity
Probe Ministries Report On The Unity School of Christianity
CARM Report On The Unity School of Christianity

Wicca & Witchcraft

The Way International

The Way International Cult Exposed
The Cult That Snapped - A Journey Into The Way International

Worldwide COG/Splinters

The Worldwide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, at one time was considered a cultic organization. However, starting in the early 1990's, the leadership of the group began the process of steering it towards orthodox Christian faith. This has had a twofold result: the painful evolution of reversing decades of cultic thought and practice, and the inevitable exodus of WWCOG members who would not (or in many cases can not) accept change - and the formation of splinter groups attempting to perpetuate Armstrong's cultic teachings.

For the extraordinary story behind the WWCOG's advance towards orthodoxy, read the first link:

The Worldwide Church of God: Are We There Yet? 

The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God 
In Transition Home Page
Wikipedia Article On Armstrongism & The Splinter Groups

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