Hopeless Lies and a Truth Without

John Chatham


One problem after another

Lost, confused, insecure

Trying to run from the problems

Only to discover

They can only be masked


Surrounded by the hurt

Soon hurt becomes comfort

Eyes become blocked by darkness

Sleep becomes simple, easy and pleasant

A sleep devoid of all reason


Suddenly a blinding light

A light more blinding than the darkness


Running towards it, hope creating each foot print

Foot prints made on the road to destruction


Found the light, but hope fades away

The light is the spot light of a prison


Locked in a cell, the cell becomes home, a feeling of comfort

Comfort created by lies


Family and friends are here, a new life is here, a feeling of happiness

Happiness destroyed by the chains everyone wears


Suddenly kicked out, removed by my captors

Freedom, a true life, a true happiness

But remorse remains; every friend is still locked away

What to do, again lost, again confused

Misery is company again


Time passes by, worry starts to fade

Yet never truly is erased


Time to move on, no more looking back

Found a truth, been set free

A history, never to be forgotten



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