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 Some Letters To The Ministry: Your Bouquets And Brickbats

These are a few of the e-mailings we've received over the years that have both encouraged us and kept us on our toes. We have been wanting to share these in the proper context of our ministry, and now  that the SpiritWatch  is online, we now have a place to do so! As we find the time to edit and dig out the ministry files, we will share more of these fascinating  posts .. both pro and con.

Updated 15 October 07

Subj: organization
Date: 97-07-14 14:17:52 EDT

I'd like to thank you very much for your mail. It is most informative and since I left the WTS I have been amazed at how foolish I feel to ever have believed their nonsense. Im truly grateful today that they took it upon themselves to play God one more time and disfellowship me in Jan of 96. The best thing that could have ever happened to me came from what I once believed was the worse thing that could ever happen to a JW. It saddens me a great deal to think of how many unfortunite souls are still being brainwashed and misled. Keep up your good work and may Jesus Bless you. 

Subj: Re: Signs Of The Times? 
Date: 98-01-10 23:01:57 EST

Dear Rafael,

I want to thank you for your answering my E-Mail request. I think what you are doing is wonderful and so does God! All of we pastors need to know more about this cult invasion then we do. I pastor in an area where years ago the black population was evangelized by the Jehovah Witnesses, (The white congregations that offered salvation did not offer it to them) consequently to this day most of the blacks in --------, TN are JWs. Sad isn't it? 

I have done some self study on cults (ie JWs, Mormons, Islam, Masonic Lodges, etc.) I would be interested in your research and possibly having you minister on this subject in the future.

Date: 98-01-23 20:48:53 EST

Thank you ever so much for sharing yourself with me. One never knows how deeply an act of sharing can touch another - what a difference it can make in a brother or sister's life. Thank you. 

Subj: Re: Question?
Date: 98-02-10 06:57:17 EST


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences in your posts. I'm not quite sure how to say it.....they have a wisdom mixed with intelligence. I look forward to hearing more of your personal story someday. I know you've never been Mormon, but still I'd love to hear it.

Blessings back........:)

Subj: Re:Another Story
Date: 94-05-13 23:11:10 EDT

On wednesday and Thursday (yesterday) I was informed that it "might be for the best" if I found another church home. I guess that it is not uncommon for the pioneers to be chased away when the pastor wants to consolidate her power and push for "social acceptability" for the congregation. I was told that I would make some of the people that the church was hoping to attract "uncomfortable". I sure as Hades didn't seem to make anyone "uncomfortable" when we needed the building wired, a pit dug for the cistern, or when our Pastor needed a technical term and/or Scripture reference explained. Going to the Board is not an option, instead of a board we have a Politburo of sycophants. I am trying to remind myself that Jesus never cut anyone open and  pulled their guts out. I am, however, taking the part of my pay that went to tithing and starting therapy with a person here in ----------- who deals with stuff like Co-Dependency and religious abuse/addiction issues. I hurt like hell now, but am determined to survive.
Thanks for letting me vent,

Subj: Re: Chryselis
Date: 99-09-04 00:25:13 EDT

Dear Rafael,

I was trying to research 'Chrysalis' because a friend told me that her 19 yr. old daughter was asked to go on a 'religious outing' and I asked what it was called and who sponsored it. She didn't know, which made me curious. This couple knows nothing of cults. They've 'heard' of Jim Jones and of others who've had cults but are woefully ignorant about how cults operate within normal society, under 'good' guises. So I was trying to find out more about 'Chrysalis' for my friend. 

I appreciate very much your E-mail to me. That gives me a good start. And thank you in advance for any further information you can get to me on this group. I will check out the addresses you gave me. Thanks for those too! If you wouldn't mind one more you know of a good 'Cult-Watch' site that researches cults and gives their various names and MOD's? A new one has moved into the Denver, called the 'Denver' Church of Christ. One of the newspapers did a large story on it. It was very revealing and I'm sure somewhat damaging to the cult. Thanks again for your help!

Subj: Two Centavos have never been worth so much!
Date: 99-04-02 11:59:14 EST

What an incredible love you have demonstrated by taking the time to provide such wise and godly counsel! God knows the depth of my appreciation for you and your comments, though I would fall well-short of adequately expressing them to you. Please accept my simple thanks with the knowledge that you have been more than abundantly helpful! I have no doubt God will use your work and labor in this matter for His glory.

I have acquired some of Bailey's books (those that my bro-in-law seemed to refer to that they were studying). I've had a difficult time staying in them and reading them. What a twisted wreakage of writing! There hasn't been opportunity to dialogue with my bro-in-law and his wife,
but there should be an opportunity sometime toward the end of this month.

Re: Why Brother Swaggart Must Still Be Disciplined 
Date: 99-04-25 22:17:54 EDT

I only wish to say that the recent article submitted by Rafael Martinez regarding Bro. Swaggart's lingering fallen status is one of the finest pieces I have ever read on the subject. Such frankness is truly a refreshing breeze in a world filled with "don't judge"... "just love them" ... "let the sinless cast the first stone" ...God understands my problem" ... etc. ad nauseum.

Thank you Bro Martinez.

Subj: Re: info requested on the ICC
Date: 99-08-16 06:47:11 EDT


Thank you for your informative reply to my email about the ICC and their activities in the Memphis area. I did not know how far away from Memphis you were when I wrote you. Initially, I will use the information to see if I can learn more about the group without asking the young student about it. I already asked her a few questions and I don't want to alarm her until I find out for sure who these people are affiliated with. I asked her if they had a doctrinal statement and she said she asked that too and was told no. This immediately started raising questions with me. When I asked her if she had a discipler or has a disciplee she said no. I am not sure how deeply involved she is with them. I think I will take your advice and contact the dean of the university and ask about this.

I'm sorry, I do not remember which website I read your story on. It may have been reveal, or TOLC but I have been doing so much research into this and reading so much I am not sure which one. I will check out your website soon.

Again I appreciate your help. Blessings.

Subj: web site
Date: 99-06-12 20:05:04 EDT

greetings brethren
i was very glad to find ur web site
i got in thru the back door, sort of...
was doing a search on vatican council stuff & found a link to keith greens "catholic chronicles" -- i was thrilled! it has been nearly a decade since i last had any copies of these in my hands, since last days stopped distributing them due to contention problems, unfortunately.
very much appreciate ur posting them!

Subj: Masons
Date: 00-01-05 04:33:52 EST

I would like more information on freemasonery. I think there are a lot of people this region that are very deceived by it. I live in -------------- and am amazed at the men who hold church positions that are linked to this group and whenever you ask about it you get a blank look like "what is wrong with the masons". Deacon so and so is a mason, etc. We have a tape by John Ankerberg that exposes a lot about it and have shared it with some friends but mostly it appears to be widely accepted. You had it listed on your site but not able to click on for more info. We are know it is a cult and would just like you to provide us some more information or resources on the net to check. Thanks.

Subj: Judgement
Date: 00-02-16 18:39:15 EST

I discovered your web site today and am extremely disturbed by your so
called ministry. As a long time Christian and student of the Bible I
find that your judgment of other ministries is without research and far
beyond what any Christian or ministry should be doing. I would have to
put you along side Hank Hanegraff with the amount of harm you are doing
to the body of Christ. You have elevated yourself about the rest of the
Christian community as a watch dog. Apparently no one but you has the
discernment to see what you think you see. One of my gifts is
discernment and I can tell you, you are wrong on several counts.

One of the ministries that you have found fault with is the Prophecy
Club. If you knew anything about them, you would not be saying what you
are. Henry Gruver and Dimitru Dudaman are true prophets. Another is
Chuck Youngbrandt. God always warned a nation before he judged them.
America is in deep sin. God is warning this nation through the prophets
to repent and heed the warning. God will judge you for your statements
about his prophets. You will be right along side the pharisees.

I will be praying for you.

Date: 00-01-22 08:29:36 EST

I discovered your website recently and found it very interesting. One thing I have been looking at because of my own experience is abuse in normally sound churches. I was in a youth group of a very solid Baptist church. However unbeknown to the leadership, a faction of the youth group got into control and this had a major effect on me. I was not considered spiritual enough and was ostracised by some friends and was subject to manipulation by this group. Although minor compared to what many have to put up with, it had a marked and negative impact on me. Recently, God has shown me what happened and has healed me. Interestingly, the church leaders eventually got wind of what was going on and this group left the church. However, no one realised the psychological harm that had been done to myself and others. It is vital that all abuse at whatever level is tackled and this involves counselling all who might have been affected.

Keep up the good work

Subj: Re: DYAD
Date: 99-09-03 13:06:17 EDT

Thank you for responding to my note....yes, I am a Christian who had backslidden
when I met her father...I know that I have a lot to do with what happened to me
because I knew the truth and chose to take a different route. He does believe
that the man is the boss and that a woman should submit 100% but I am unsure if
this is a religious belief or him. I am finding my way back to God now but this
situation that I had with him still haunts me and I am not sure if it is demonic
or just me. .....

I understand what you are saying and I appreciate your thoughts. It could very
well be just me. .. I don't want to blame something on
the devil if it is just me. I have just experienced a lot of things with him
that I have never experienced before and it leaves me confused as to whether it
is me or not. If you could shed light on the above paragraph, it would be
great. Where is your church located? Do you have any churches on the east coast?
Also, do you believe in the Holy Spirit and that Jesus died on the cross and
rose again the third day. Are you a preacher or a teacher because it sounds
like you are more of a teacher. Again, thank you for your help. You have been very helpful to me.

Subj: add this title to your list of orthodoxy/heresy
Date: 99-08-23 23:57:13 EDT

Hi....greetings from MN. just ran across your page tonight...gonna have fun exploring it!!!

used to be a cog member until our pastor went over the edge with the toronto thing. He was removed from his pastorate. But the damage was done. Since then, I've been looking for a fellowship to call home. might want to read the book "THE CRUETLY OF HERESY" by C. FitzSimons Allison, published by Morehouse Publishing.

Blessings to you and your Ministry in TN.

Subj: intolerance
Date: 99-11-15 11:15:25 EDT

In a message dated 99-11-14 00:56:56 EST, you write:

I stand up for what I believe in. I don't believe that you are a tolerant human being. I know that Jesus taught us to love our neighbors. I know that you find anyone who does not believe in Christ as you do is a sinner, even if they are Christans by the definition of being one who believes Christ came to this earth to die for us and then to be resurrected. I know that you, as a Pentacostal (as well as any other person of other Christian faiths) believe yours is the only way and any difference of opinion from your own about God's word makes any other worshiper of an abherrent religion or cult.

I believe there are bona fide cults. However, I believe yours is an egotistical denomination. Catholics killed many of their own faith in the middle ages. Baptists and other protestants killed many Mormons in the early history of this country. Many so called Christians speak of love and teach hate.

I, for one, will not sit idly by and watch that happen. It is my duty to stand up for people who are in danger of being persecuted by self righteous religious zealots. As for me siding with someone who was not Christian against you, I feel you are no more Christian than he was; for even though you may quote the Bible and he may deride it, your twisting of God's word for intolerant and hateful purposes is worse than just saying that The Word is not true. You are more dangerous. It is a small step from calling other Christians abherrent to calling them heathen to finding reason to kill them. You may say such could not happen in today's world. I beg to differ.

Pentacostals are witch hunters just like in Salem. I hunt the witch hunter. 

Subject: On dealing with demons. . . . .
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 19:03:46 -0800

Dear Rafael:

Just a note to let you know that I've put one of your latest posts on 
the "pick of the posts" section of the Contemporary Pentecostal 
Issues website. I've retitled it "On Dealing with Demons. . . ." I've 
also identified you by name -- if you prefer to remain anonymous, 
just let me know. If you would like to include your address/e-
mail/website just let me know that too.

Thanks for the post!!


Subj: Re: Your Reply
Date: 97-09-06 19:45:35 EDT

Thanks for the reply. There is nothing as prescious as someone sharing
experience, strength, hope and encouragement. Thank you for doing God's work
and making yourself available to me.

God Bless You,

Subj: Re: When will the Cult Mind-Control Page be Finished?
Date: 06/11/99


Just wondering what the ETA is for the completion of the "Cult Mind
Control" web page? Especially the article on "Recovering from Cult Mind
Control." I would like to know about who you are and a little bit about your
background and about your affiliations. I know that this request is
somewhat personal - and I apologize for being direct - however, I have
many insights from personal experience with a cult that I was in for
over 16 years prior to becoming a believer approximately 1-1/2 years ago. And if it is our Lord's will I would like to avail these insights to the right organization - so knowing a little bit about who you are will help me in prayer concerning this matter.

God bless you.

10:17 PM 10/22/2001 -0300, you wrote:

Dear Mr. King:

I just finished reading your web article, "The Truth About Satanism." I  was pleasantly surprised at its concise, even-handed, truthful portrayal of contemporary Satanism. Your use of internet links as a bibliography lends credibility as well as the ability for readers to check sources for themselves. This is far from what I was expecting in the way of an article about the occult as written by a Christian. I am an initiate within the Temple of Set and am intimately familiar with religious finger-pointing and hate-mongering, none of which was found here. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Date: 00-08-28 20:17:29 EDT

I like your page.

I think it's possesses a great deal of solid truth.

I'd be interested in reading your article 'strange fires'
when it's published.

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 21:28:40 -0700

Go for it Raphael, you are much needed in the body of Christ.

Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 20:42:02 -0800

rafael: I do so appreciate your continuing efforts at battling these
unhealthy environments. Keep up the good work...:)

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 23:24:31 -0000

I discovered your website recently and found it very interesting. One thing
I have been looking at because of my own experience is abuse in normally
sound churches. I was in a youth group of a very solid Baptist church.
However unbeknown to the leadership, a faction of the youth group got into
control and this had a major effect on me. I was not considered spiritual
enough and was ostracised by some friends and was subject to manipulation by
this group. Although minor compared to what many have to put up with, it had
a marked and negative impact on me. Recently, God has shown me what
happened and has healed me. Interestingly, the church leaders eventually got
wind of what was going on and this group left the church. However, no one
realised the psychological harm that had been done to myself and others. It
is vital that all abuse at whatever level is tackled and this involves
counselling all who might have been affected.

Keep up the good work.

Date: 01-02-24 19:03:02 EST

Sure appreciate your website. This area in southern Wisconsin is home to a large, well-known Wiccan compound, and I really
got a lot out of the testimony on your website of the former Wiccan lady.God is so good.

Blessings to you,

Date: 01-04-14 22:09:00 EDT


My prayers have been with you and Joy since I received your first email. I knew if there was a son and daughter of God that he cherished it would be you two and I knew he would never denied you his blessings.

The love and compassion you showed me during my darkest hours as we left the LDS Church and my abusive LDS husband was truly taking on the image of Christ himself. I truly believe that the power Christ had to heal was in his love for mankind; he was willing to touch a leper when others wouldn't; he was willing to reach out to the sinner when others were to high and mighty; and just as you have done these acts in your life so will the healing power come from the faith and love from those you have served. 

I am sooo happy that all is going well for the both of you. Send Joy my love and support for her challenges at this time. Thank you for including me in your cc list. It is because of you I have gone on to a life with more peace and less confusion and I only wish the same for you now in this time. 

Your friend

Subj: "Former Wiccan Speaks"
Date: 01-05-29 17:09:17 EDT

Ms. Vaughn,

Do what thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law.

Speaking as a current, active and unrepentant :) practisioner of the occult, I applaud your testimony on your experiences as a pagan. Well done!

You're absolutely right that the main problem in the Church (or in any religion) is that people get into it passively, or because they're afraid of Hell, or some other nonsense. Ultimately what people have to realize is that the real reward of faith is an honest relationship with God. You can't fake this any more than you can fake a good meal.

I understand exactly what you mean by the Call. When you get it, it's totally un-nerving and humiliating, but once you answer that call you find yourself richly rewarded by the knowledge that Someone Is Looking After You. All you have to do is have the wisdom and patience to Listen.

We obvioulsy disagree on the validity of our respective paths, but nonetheless I sincerely hope that more Christians pay attention to what you're saying.

Love is the Law, Love under Will,

Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 22:35:19 -0400

Thanks very much for all of your help! .. The next hurdle will be talking to my brother-in-law regarding the concerns we have about this ministry. My wife is extremely concerned that her sister, husband and their two little girls will be led astray and be numbed to the false teachings they will encounter on a daily basis. Well, we are sending many requests to God that He watch over them and give them the discernment needed.

Rafael, again, thank you for all of your help. We believe that God has used you to answer some of our prayers.

Date: 01-07-06 10:13:20 EDT

Hi. I got the cassettes in the mail yesterday afternoon. I can hardly wait to hear them all and go through the study book. I listened to one of Rafael's tapes this morning. I was surprised that he is such a good speaker. I enjoyed the tape very much and no doubt will listen to it again. Rafael is a very good teacher and that is what I liked about the tape. He said many things that I will have to mull over in my mind throughout the day. What he said about Jesus coming to earth where there was a time element involved, was extremely interesting to me. I guess I had never really thought about that. Anyway there  is much more in the tape that I enjoyed. I thank you for sending it. I have also started reading the book that you sent about grace. I am looking forward to reading it. .. I got an interesting letter from a former JW who read my testimony. Joy there are so many people who are hurting because of the Wt. and it sure breaks my heart when I read about the pain that they are in because of the cruel practices of the Wt.

Date: 10/30/2003

Dear Who ever it concerns,

I was reading on the internet about your Mormon Bashing Material. If you Had nothing to do with it than I guess you can throw this letter away. I just don't get it. Why would you want to persecute the Mormon Faith? Why? All of your reading material is negative and a got a very bad feeling while reading your material. Like God was trying to tell me not to read it. So I stop. Then I checked out the Mormon website. Did you know that the Mormon website does not have any links to Bash other churches. You people are just plain mean. That's it I guess. Have a good day.

Date: 11/30/02 9:48:44 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hello Brother Rafael,

I am writing to express my appreciation to you for your excellent contributions to the Actscelerate forum, as well as your work of countercult ministry. I especially appreciated your post with regard to the Apostolic/Prophetic movement. I, too, am a bivocational CoG minister. In any case, you may know me by the pen name I used to use when I used to post on Acts .. Until you started posting on Acts, I had the sinking feeling that I was virtually
all alone in the CoG, in standing against the horrendous false teaching propagated by TBN & Co. In any case, I pray the Lord bless and keep you, your family and your ministry.

Date: 01-11-12 09:39:22 EST

Would you be able to make the other articles available which are listed but not accessible, such "becoming an outcast", and others? Thank you very much. I need to read them.

Date:4/21/2003 7:18:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I enjoy your SpiritWatch web site. But I have a question. You say that Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, Unification Church, The International Churches Of Christ and even Al-Qaida and the Taliban are cults. But, doesn’t every religion or church think every other religion or church is a cult? Wouldn’t all the groups above call your church a cult? As Pentecostals, do you think Catholics and Methodists are cults too? I am sorry for asking but I am REALLY confused! Please, don’t just say that you arent a cult if you follow the Bible because every church and even every person reads the Bible in different and in contradictory ways.
Thank you for any insight into this!

Date:4/2/2003 10:01:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time

wow!! i'm impressed. great site.
ok, so where can a 'dam yankee' [believer] living in roan mountain find acceptance??

Date:4/3/2003 4:02:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time

A very interesting article you wrote. I thought it was thorough and well researched and your reporting was objective and unbiased. I just wanted to dialogue with you and perhaps something interesting may come of it.

I come from a Methodist family, though I have dabbled with the occult a bit when I was younger taking a keen interest in the beliefs of various religions. I am currently an agnostic just drifting through an uncertain spiritual existance. My concerns are more on school and getting through my next exam period than thinking about my spiritual life. Though I maintain a lot of interest in philosophy and metaphysical ideas.

I did spend a year exploring Christianity in earnest, although perhaps in your view it turns out I did not do it in earnest as I came away from the experience no longer a christian. Or... perhaps it was the twisted views of the christians I associated with that turned me off and I've yet to experience it how it should be. I see two different groups of christians in the world today. There are those that have a hardline moral attitude and think everyone should live every second of their life thinking about god and believe that a book written by mortals is 100% free of human influence and errors and is a direct and perfect manifestation of what God expects from them. There is another group of christians that believe in the religion, but are more open to the interpretations of the bible as well as personal reflection. For them christianity has a personal component where one determines their true beliefs not by a book or by what a youth group leader says is true, but by what they feel truly in their hearts and spirits. This is perhaps the reason that I am not a christian currently, because I do not feel the connection inside myself. I by and large do not believe in the absolute authority of the bible. I respect it, and I think that there are many good lessons to be had in it. I also think that it accurately (more or less) conveys many true and accurate events in the world. But for me I use what I read in the bible as another piece of the puzzle to help my own mind think about the world and what I should believe.

Perhaps my way of thinking is a stubborness that poisons a lot of non-believers. However, to assess my current spiritual beliefs, they are definitely not pagan. I personal think its slightly preposterous to believe in the God of the Crop or any such manifestation of a nature based polytheistic religion. I believe in many things christians do in fact. I think that perhaps there is a supreme being up there. I have a lot of views that entertwine with physics as well. For example, I considered the idea that perhaps when the universe was created, the quantum singularity that allowed that split second of nothing to something can be explained by some grand force or power beyond the constraints of time or physical laws and limits. To me it isn't hard to believe that this grand power overriding the universe is perhaps the same God as described in the bible. So I potentially believe in one god.... though it seems just as well to refer to him as a force or an abstract power, as this being is not forced to assume some human concept of a body or a form. Where I differ with mainstream Christianity, is that I do not take many parts of the scripture to heart. For example, the fact that it says everything in the scripture is true, how can I be persuaded by such a statement when I do not first already believe that everything in the scripture is true? Its a circular argument in logic to say something like this. If someone tells you, "I am not a liar", how can you believe they are sincere if you have nothing else to go on other than what they tell you? The fact that scripture was inspired by God does not placate my distruct either. This fact is just another line in the scripture that may or may not be true (in my opinion) and whenever someone may try to prove it, quoting from the bible would be meaningless to me, would it not? Moreover, how could I be won over by another person telling me this, they are just another mortal, they are fallible, perhaps they are wrong, no? So to me, the only way to truly tell what is true, is to come to the conclusion in my own head and feel some kind of deep connection to it. In the end, that is the only way I can 100%, wholeheartedly put my faith in something. Sure, I could cut my losses and "try" to be a Christian, do what they do, pray like they pray, live my life like they do, and try to force myself to believe what they believe... but it will never happen because in the back of my mind, I am forcing myself to open up to something that I don't feel a connection with... where is that connection at? It will always be a false belief to me, and I know that if this whole Christian ideology is in fact the true path, than I will not know this because I think that I would have to believe it in my soul, not just pretend to practice it. I thought that at the point in my life where I was getting into christianity, something would happen and I would feel some connection that told me deep inside that, "yes, this is the way to go". But I never felt that... has this happened to you? Perhaps I'm just one of the few cursed into never knowing the truth that you know. Perhaps I'm so far deep in sin and doubt that I can't see the light... or as I sometimes think, perhaps its all a sham. Perhaps you could shed some light on my thoughts in a manner that does not turn me off?

As for your article on Halloween... You sounded right on the money. Halloween for most people, supposed christians included, is a time for fascination with the hidden and unseen forces of our world. I myself find it very intruiging and interesting as probably many others do as well. I personally do not see a problem with investigating the unseen forces that make our world tick, I am a knowledge seeker, I yearn for information and for knowing how things work. I cannot live my life in ignorance and complacancy when there is so much to be learned.

In short, to me the only effective tool for debating or convincing me of something spiritual is to do it on a philosophicaly or metaphysical level. Bibles quotes do very little for me, as I mentioned earlier, how can they be effective if you don't take the scripture to heart. Though on the other hand, the bible contains many philosophical phrases, so once in awhile there is something useful to be gleaned from it, but nothing thus far has convinced me. I hope this has been an interesting read, Wow! to you if you read all this. I'll be interested to see if you reply back at all.

Date:1/18/2003 3:06:47 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Rafael -
I just really feel led to write you personally and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a gift and a blessing to those of us in the City. I praise God for leading you to us, and for your willingness to allow Him to work through you! It's obvious that He has gifted you and that His hand is on you and on your ministry. May He richly bless you for your faithfulness to Him!! I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to respond to you and to thank you for all your wisdom, guidance and for the suggestions that you've given regarding the situation with my sister. I appreciate it so very much, and have gone to the website you sent the link to and printed up that article, as well as going to the site that Kathy sent me to. I appreciate the recommendations!

Date:10/28/2003 12:38:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hello..I just read your article about Halloween.
It was excellent. It is amazing that most people have no clue concerning
the occult...and Masonic etc. influence today.

Subj:Your Article! 
Date:9/20/2003 3:18:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I have just read you article on "Does God work through an Organization" and found that I am not alone in my own thinking in this matter, and was greatly encouraged by this writing of yours.
I was a Witness for some twenty One year's, and because I disagreed with them on this very matter, that you have written about, as well as others, my own wife left the Marraige arrangement, and I have been alone for many year's now, but at the point of giving up entirely.
I was putting my own written articles on various discussion board's of a Christian nature, and was attacked and insulted so much it pretty much destroyed the little Spirituality that I had left. As a result, I have reached a very low ebb in my own Spirituality. Not quite out, but certainly down at the bottom.
I also have written an article titled the "Food at the Proper Time" and like yours, it shows the Watchtower Organization is not Jehovah's appointed Channel of Communication. As I wrote this article I remained within the guidelines of the Bible, never deviating to the right or to the left. This may sound like a brag, but it isn't, this article cannot be refuted, as yours cannot be either. If you would wish to read my article, and put to it use, you would be welcome to do that. It would be my way of "depositing my silver monies with the Banker's." Of course if you did not agree with my writing, well then you could simply set it aside. I also have written one that shows that the Disfellowshipping arrangement as it exist today is not supported by the Bible, even though it can be made to look like it does. 

Let me know if you are interested in reading my articles, and if you are I will copy and paste them into an e-mail for you to examine.

I await your reply.

Date:10/30/2003 10:48:28 PM Eastern Standard Time

Thank you for your article. A group of us are having a Bible study tomorrow evening (halloween) and the Scripture verses you provided in the article
will be used. However, I was saddened to see you support "Harvest" type church sponsored events. 1Thes 5:21 says to "abstain from all appearances
of evil". To me, having the church open on such an evil night provides an appearance of '"supporting" an evil night. I think God would be better glorified if church leadership provided sound Biblical evidence of God's hatred of evil (esp. Satan) to their flock and instructed them to have a nice family evening totally separate from halloween.

Subj:web page 
Date:9/15/2003 10:20:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I never could find an e-mail address on the main page. Sorry if this is the wrong person to send this to.
I just wanted to say thank you for your web page. It has helped me. I was brought to it through which posted a "review" on Weigh Down Diet. Adam Brooks gave an excerpt on the Remnant Church and they linked it here. 
I want you to know it has been 3 1/2 yrs of me to letting go of the WD principles and today this has been the finally for me to let go. Actually hearing/reading the occultish relations has changed me. I always thought it was but did not know the signs of an occult.
God has used this site to complete some healing in my life and I appreciate you putting the information out there.
Thank you and if this is not the correct place for this e-mail will you please send it back with the correct address or forward it.

Subj:Comments to your webpage about Halloween 
Date:10/16/2004 11:53:23 PM Eastern Standard Time

I would like to start out by simply saying that I respect your religion, but I don't think you respect mine. You are right when you say that Halloween goes against Christian beliefs, and that if you are a devote Christian you should not take part in Halloween, but Paganism is not evil, it is not demonic. It is a religion older then Christianity, in fact, the worlds first known religion was a form of Paganism in the Indus Valley. There is nothing evil about it and I personally strive to rid the world of evil forces. Lastly, Jesus was a witch. He invoked his god to do magic, that's how he healed people. There's nothing else to call that but a witch. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Blessed be.

Subj:re: weigh down classes 
Date:7/12/2004 11:24:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

To Whomever:

I am glad that someone I know that let God work through them in His own way, by letting things happen that led to some other things unfolding.

At any rate, it came to pass that we were told that the Weigh Down classes were not really something that we should continue to go to. I was given this website to look it up for myself, and I know now that I will not be continuing them.

I thank God that He works in His own ways, and uses people in His own way. 

I feel so "duh" that I was beginning to be involved in this "cult." I did have a few "red flags" go up in the last few classes and a few times a soft voice would lead me to read a few scriptures that (I know now) were telling me what was the real truth. 

I did lose some weight, but I will continue to look to the real God for further weight loss. This is how they get people in. Weight is such a huge subject in today's society, it would be easy to deceive people into a "cult" by using God's Word.

Well, again, thank you for being where you are and as the song goes "Somebody's praying you through," and I thank all those people that pray for people to steer away from being misled.

Thank you very much,

Subj:Matthew 10:42 
Date:4/9/2005 10:07:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Rafael:

I got a bunch of stuff from you today--thanks. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ministry on line. You mentioned that you were not a pastor yet but were hoping to someday. Well, you are serving me and probably a host of other people without the official title of minister; however, you are truly putting Matthew 10:42 into action in the lives of many weary, unhealthy, and sometimes unwanted sheep of the Master's fold. Many thanks.

Subj:Raphael's Article on Jimmy Swaggart 
Date:7/11/2004 10:22:54 PM Eastern Standard Time

Brother I read your article in its entirety and it was nothing but a bunch of subjective nonsense. You did not produce one scripture to support the AOG's policy on rehabilitation. What's more what you did produce was an angry unforgiving diatribe.

Brother you have nothing and again I repeat nothing to support your position. David sinned where was the policy? Peter sinned and was confronted by Paul, where was the policy? You attempt through amateurist reasoning to produce something viable to denounce Jimmy Swaggart's refusal to submit to something he rightfully labels as manmade. He was right in denying their request. Yes it makes him look hypocritical because he enforced the policy when others were guilty but didn't do so for himself. However wrong he was in doing that to a fellow brother is in no way a statement of support for a policy not designed or created by God. He was right in not submitting.

And I find it strange that you truly believe that the only thing that will renew some support for Swaggart is for him to submit to some accountable counsel. That is nonsense especially in the realm of your request. We are obligated by the word to forgive a fallen and then repentent brother or sister. No where in scripture can you find anything that suggest forgiveness and then rehabilitation. Now I am not saying it may not be wise to go that route but you cannot make it law as the AOG and other denominations demand of their ministerial constituents. It just isn't in the Word of God.

Are you waiting to forgive him until he submits to some hierarchy. I feel sorry for you then because I am sure he will not because it is unscriptural in the way you define accountability and restoration.

Subj:Thank you for bringing the truth 
Date:9/21/2005 1:59:44 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear SpiritWatch Ministries,
I just wanted to say that your website has been a blessing to me in my walk with the Lord. The resources available have been very useful and enlightening. My most visited section is about the Cults and Pagans. I have used the information researched to aid me in my personal studies in apologetics. Just a bit about myself, I was a Pagan for 15 solid years of my life and it wasn't until I had an experience with the true God that I became a Christian. I know about the Pagan world and still have access to a plethora of documentation, books, newsletters, and magazines about it. I was a Heathen in the pre-Christian since of the word. I fell under the Northern traditions which includes the Asatru and Theodish practices. One being more of the Icelandic tradition and the other from the Anglo-Saxon traditions. I am a former "at-large" member of The Ring of Troth, the Angelseaxisce Eldriht and a friend (leoman) of the Theodish Rice. So, I know a little something about that world and how it is all a deceiving trick of the adversary. I understand a little about the Wiccans also, but they were a little too liberal for the Northern Traditionalists to actually do things together. As far as we were concerned they were as confused and lost as a blind fly. They are considered to be unpure and very Neo with nothing historically solid to stand on. With that said, that is why I visit the Cult and Pagan resources on your site. You guys are doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work. 

Subj:Hello - I am LDS ! See some real errors here ! 
Date:9/20/2005 3:01:12 AM Eastern Standard Time

I will try & point them out, but one glaring one is that the pressure on LDS women is great.

POPPYCOCK ! I am 55 & have been so not pressured in the Church. I have been active all my life. 3 RM's & a great hubby. There is no presssure at all ! What a falsity ! This error crept in since the God Maker's book & film. 

In actuality, LDS women are the most fulfilled, pious, & good people. I know so many who are NORMAL ! WE ARE ALL just regular Jane's !!!!

Do not be duped by this about our women ! Trust me. I am one of them ! I am the Horse's mouth ! 

Bless you guys ! You all mean well. You are forgiven.

The ultimate Salvation is actually where God & Christ live. EVERY worthy baptized member will be there ! You are to rigid in your comments on this ULTIMATE THING. Lighten up !


Subject:the latest in the UC
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:31:27 -0700

I was once involved in the Unification Church and now trying to find a Christian truth answer to the latest ongoing with Moon - he and his wife's coronation in Korea. It is hard to understand how people can still follow and 'glorify' this couple because most within the movement know that the Moon's children are not leading righteous or wholesome lives. There is no example of parents raising their children to be godly and good children.

I really like your 'cult myths' page with the picture of the man with tape across his mouth and the caption "There's only one problem with religions that have all the answers, they don't allow questions." This was what I discovered, I wasn't trying to be 'negative' I just wanted a deeper understanding of their teachings and could not ask any questions. Even today, the teachings are not explained in a deeper and more thorough manner nor can they be backed with any evidence.What I discovered with Christianity, is that I can ask questions and questions are taken seriously and answered honestly. Christians don't have all the answers but I am free to ask the questions. Also, most Christian churches allow themselves to be financially accountable to their congregation and the general public and the ministers/pastors are accountable in front of their congregations. I can't find a financial report on the 'Family Federation' website. I do know that many Christian churches will provide a financial report to their congregations and upon request. I also find that Christians are trying to discover God's truth in the Bible and the Bible can stand up to incredible research and even critique throughout many centuries. The Bible stands up to God's truth and His love.

I appreciate your website.

Subject:martinez needs to repent of his lies
Date:Tue, 6 Jun 2006 23:45:15 -0500

what you said about jimmy swaggart is lie from satan

Subject: radio interview
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 13:40:15 -0500

My name is Donnie Swaggart of the Sonlife radio network. I would like to interview you regarding your seven bars of religious abuse. James Sundquist of RockSalt Ministries gave me some of your material which I found to be interesting. The program air's from 10am-12noon(cst). Our network consists of 75 sations in 21 states covering over 5000 towns and cities. I would like to do the interview tomorrow. I know that this is short notice however I just got ahold of your information yesterday. Please call me to discuss this. My office number is ************ and if i'm not in my cell number is ************. I believe your information would be of great interest to our audience. We have a station in your area,95.7fm on your dial. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can. Donnie Swaggart

Subj:A Christian Perspective On Halloween 
Date:10/24/2005 8:47:19 PM Eastern Standard Time

I am A Full Gospel Minister in the Dallas, Texas area and I just read your article on halloween and I VERY much agree with you. May God richly bless you and give you souls for His kingdom.

Subj:i have a love for your type of ministry 
Date:10/19/2005 5:41:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

God bless you, it sure is nice finding a website that has the same love of contending for the faith that i have, i believe proper discernment is of much importance. i feel i have the same call of God upon my life in this type of ministry. please keep up this blessed work of God and if at all possible i would love to hear from you all. thanx for having this type of ministry available for the Body of Christ.

Subj:a very good article 
Date:10/18/2005 11:32:50 PM Eastern Standard Time

Thanks for writing this article on Halloween. I've learn so much. Thanks for sharing this information to many. It is very much needed.

Date:2/28/2005 3:06:06 PM Eastern Standard Time

I'm not mormon, but after hearing your opinion on them, it makes me want
to take a look at them. Spend your time talking positive instead of
bashing other religions. What are you worried about, mormons taking over,
if so, the world will be cover with kind family oriented people. Go covert
people that need your help and get over your venomous attitude. Be Christ

Date:5/19/2005 12:18:36 AM Eastern Standard Time

After reading your information I was supprised how inaccurate your information is. The question I have for you is how do you know your not a cult and are using mis-information to shape thoughts of your Idea's. I would consider you a definite cult.

Date:2/4/2003 10:28:35 PM Eastern Standard Time

We are senior Honors students at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa working on a research project dealing with how people build and maintain a sense of identity. We are Social Science majors under the supervision of Associate Professor Mark Freyberg. We are exploring how one's sense of self is influenced by social groups, cultural institutions, and one's everyday social environment. In particular, we are interested in how one's experience in a new religious movement or white separatist group might influence their sense of self. 
We are trying to identify people with whom we can conduct a brief email, phone, or in-person interview. We are hoping you can give us some suggestions regarding contacts that have had experiences in a new religious movement or white separatist group. If you would be willing to be in correspondence with us, please let us know ...

Date:Wed, 7 Jun 2006 11:23:16 -0600

You know i really dont like your site. Expecially the stuff it says about mormons. You do know that becoming a god and having your own world is not really accepted doctrine of the church right? I dont like the totally bias and angry tone that is used to portray that church. I would strongly urge that you check the validity of your sources. I also expect a written appology for your misinformation, and rediculous atitude about things that you really honestly dont understand. besides the theory that some people have within the church about becoming gods is all found in the bible, for example psalms 82:6 and various other scriptures in revelations and in the book of john. so please dont misrepresent things that you dont understand. you are not authorised to tell what the church of jesus christ of latter day saints believes. so quit spreading rumors. you want to know what they believe than look up the 13 articles of faith on the website thank you and have a wonderful day.

Subject:Mormonism page
Date:Sat, 25 Feb 2006 10:19:28 EST

I just wanted to comment that I thought your piece on Mormonism was very interesting. I am a middle school social studies teacher who just recently taught the Utah history portion of Manifest Destiny. I only have a few Mormon students but their parents were furious for me mentioning polygamy and for me giving an assignment that required students to bring in research on Utah history, One parent vehemently denied that Joseph Smith was ever a polygamist and another denied that Brigham Young was a polygamist. These parents called the principal and later the district office, trying to get me fired. It was unbelievable. Fortunately after much investigation the principal's final report said that I didn't do anything wrong. But I was stunned at how these Mormon parents reacted to my history lesson, and more stunned at how ignorant they are of their own religon.
What boggles my mind the most though, is how does a religion that has such shameful history and doctrines continue to grow so fast? I know the Mormon church has a very hard working public relations department and they very actively convert people, but ever since the invention of the internet, everything about the Mormon church has been exposed. And it's not just the history and the doctrines. There are so many things that the Mormon church is trying to cover up, including the Mason like cultish ceremonies that occur in their temples (i.e. secret handshakes that are required to get into heaven?!). Do you thing there will ever be a time that the Mormon church is completely accepted for being a fraud? 

Re: The Prophetic Conference: Making Room For Trouble<
Date: 11/24/02 3:53:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

Many, many thanks for this document. I have downloaded it into a Word document and I am printing a copy right now as I type this. You have spent many hours developing this material and your work is greatly appreciated. I trust that you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God has been so good to all of us and I thank God for putting you into the ministry for such a time as this.

Subject: Hmmm
Date:11/8/2006 9:24 PM

I read your message about the Jesus Name churches. It seems you are upset because you could not recieve your credentials with this UPC organization more then anything else and now are attacking their beliefs of the bible. There is no perfect church or pastor. Only God

Subject: Asatru
Date:1/6/2007 4:40 AM

Thank you for taking the time to attempt to educate Christians on other religions, however, as it would serve us well to clear up misconceptions before taking up the Crusader's swords.  
Reading through your description of Wicca and witchcraft, you included Asatraurs as a form of witchcraft.  Just as Latter-Day Saint Mormons are no representation of Christianity, as they are in a minority, nor are Wiccans or Gardner Wiccans to be grouped with Asatru practitioners.
Asatru has nothing to do with "witchcraft," anymore than praying to your god or sharing in communion at a Catholic church is witchcraft.  We are a seperate faith altogether, bound to our European folk heritage and not a band of neo-Pagans.
I hope you realize this and correct your literary error.
Take care,

Subject: Spiritwatch ministries
2/27/2007 7:06 PM

(I) .. am a resident of Kent, England
I saw your name in a UK national newspaper about the Weighdown Fellowship, and looked at your website, I would just like to say a "well done" for the ministry that you are carryung out and although I have no funds available for donation etc, I wish you very well in your fight against the action brought by Gwen Shamblin and cohorts,
The very best to you

Subject: XXXXXXXX Media Inquiry
3/29/2007 2:22 PM


My name is XXXX XXXXXX and I work for the television show XXXXXXXX. I am doing some research on Remnant Fellowship and the Weigh Down Workshops put on by Gwen Shamblin. I’d greatly appreciate talking to you over the phone about Remnant and WD. Additionally, I’d like to try to get in touch with some of the former members of Remnant. Please e-mail or call me at ..

Subject: abuse
Date: 4/9/2007 3:35 PM

Talk about religious abuse,  You seem to be the authority on it, because you are it.
In my opinion you should pray and ask forgiveness for your judgment on other ministries, also really look into your hearts what a cult or abuse is.
Does Joel Olsteen know he is on your web site, because he is a man of God that builds up and encourages, and not tear down like I see on your web site. Be careful of looking for demons behind every corner, Revaulate what your purpose is. Yes I believe in warnings but not hurting people or ministries.
Date: 2007/04/18 Wed AM 03:12:25 EDT
Subject: Thanks for Spiritwatch

Dear Rev. Martinez, as long as people believe in direct and special revelations from God all that you have documented will happen. Sadly when a
ministry is small it remains faithful and as it grows the tares also grow with the wheat finally only the tares remain, but tares will be burnt by
fire, In India also so many horror stories abound that you can have a separate section , regards and love ..
Date: 2007/04/01 Sun PM 07:03:08 EDT
Subject: Gwen Shamblin & The Remnant
To Rev. Martinez and others at Spiritwatch:
I cannot thank you enough for exposing the inner workings of Gwen Shamblin and The Remnant Fellowship.  
Your analysis of her teaching and claims in light Biblical truth is outstanding.  
Your articles on Shamblin have helped me better understand those who have been under her "authority", and unfortunately, fallen prey to her delusions.  
I pray for those who are still trapped in the web of the false gospel of Gwen.  Thank you for standing firm for the truth. 
God bless you
Date: 2007/04/16 Mon PM 07:39:47 EDT

you make me so sad, you say your not out to dam people when you talk and pray about someone, but you are.  
Just because you say you not does not make it so. My heart is heavy for you ministry. 
I have you even went to these people and asked them to explain, or show them your point of view.
The Bible tell us to, and them if they don't take correction, you try again, and then you, shun.
I am cocern for you all, I pray that you pray for the truth in All things, read the Word again.
Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the light
He didn't come to kill steal and destroy
Speak Life, not death
God abundance and Blessing, for what you trying to do,

Subject:Halloween Article
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 22:03:01 -0800

Thank you for taking the time to write an article on the Christian perspective re: Halloween!

Each year we take our church through a mini training of why we choose not to celebrate Halloween. As usual some think I'm being a little fanatical, but that's okay! Their soul is worth more than their acceptance. What I appreciate most about your article is the continuous flow of references to the Word of God!

Please pray for us as each year we have an outreach that night to share Jesus with our community.

God bless,

Date: 8/24/02 11:23:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Some people just don't care about discernment, truth, or error. They are so attached to men and their ministries that, even if what you say is true, and even if they they know what you say is true (about false doctrines of Jakes and so many others) they don't care because "there is just such an anointing when this man preaches". I do not believe in ambivalence when it comes to the gospel. 

My goodness if many of these folks are swept away with the false doctrines of Jakes, Clement, and so many others that easily; what are they going to do when the anti-christ arrives and begins to slowly gain more and more geo-political influence over the earth??

Personally .. I doubt if Jakes or the others (like the false teachers in 1 John chapter 3) have ever known the Lord at all. Oh well, keep up the good work. May those who have ears to hear; let them hear.

Subj: Sir, please tell me something 
Date:10/28/2005 7:11:28 AM Eastern Standard Time

I just want to know where exactly i can get a running comparrison of the Christian Beliefs and the Mormans Beliefs. This information would be very helpful, especially put in this way. You may already have it somewhere, I just havent found it.

I like coming to this site, its still helpful as well.

Subj:We need home 
Date:6/26/2003 3:20:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Dear sir I would love to get some info on mind control. I know it is about the brain and control we are so sick I want to call this to the attention of someone. This has got into the wrong hands. I would love to talk to you.please e-mail some info on mind control. what would you thank if society was teaching are babies. How to use mind control. And not giving them love. I would love to hear from you 

Subj:What Mormons Will Not Tell You 
Date:6/26/2005 9:42:36 AM Eastern Standard Time

I was really surprised at your article on what Mormons will not tell you. From my perspective as a Mormon, those are all things I would gladly share with anyone. 

What did you get right?

Yes, Adam was a God. 
Yes, God was once like us. Were we not created in his image, man and women?
Yes, We can become Gods. The Holy Bible tells us so. We are Gods even the children of God.
Yes, Joseph Smith did die in a shoot out. 
Yes, The religion does require a great sacrifice of time.
Yes, We believe in the Bible “as far as it is translated correctly”; I’ll bet you have two different bibles on your shelf that say two different things because they are said two different ways. Shouldn’t it only be written one way, not the way that caters to each individual religion?
Yes, The Book of Mormon is the word of God to the house of Joseph, it is not better than the Bible nor does it take the place of the Bible which is from the house of Judah. 
Yes, There are some sins that are unpardonable; God spoke with Cain and Cain slew Abel after having a perfect knowledge of light and truth. Is this pardonable? If so why did God curse Cain?
Yes, Our women are asked to be in the homes; if possible. What is better for children than having a mother to guide and direct them in the home?
Yes, There were different accounts of the First Vision, do you always describe a story or experience the exact same every time you share it? Or do you modify it given your audience?
Yes, You are asked to read the Book of Mormon and then ask God, with faith, and real intent if the words are true and YES, you will receive a burning in your bosom. 
Yes, The atonement for our sins started in the Garden of Gethsemane not on the Cross; it was finished on the Cross. If you read your bible you would understand this.

Basically you have your facts right. You just don’t seem to agree with them.

Subj:I don't get it. 
Date:10/30/2003 8:19:50 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Who ever it concerns,
I was reading on the internet about your Mormon Bashing Material. If you Had nothing to do with it than I guess you can throw this letter away.
I just don't get it. Why would you want to persecute the Mormon Faith? Why? All of your reading material is negative and a got a very bad feeling while reading your material. Like God was trying to tell me not to read it. So I stop. Then I checked out the Mormon website. Did you know that the Mormon website does not have any links to Bash other churches. You people are just plain mean. That's it I guess. Have a good day. 

Date:3/21/2005 6:30:36 PM Eastern Standard Time

am a former witness. need help ASAP in any way. wish to meet/contact former witnesses and support groups. live in charlotte, nc. please be so kind as to spread word around i need help so very much. i would appreciate that so very much. .... topic of much discussion on internet, and everywhere else for  that matter. please help.

Subject: Thank you.
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 16:43:26

I was excited about the principles I heard during the opening night of the Weight Down Workshop, but my dad said there was something kind of hinky there.  I told my friend about it.  She told me to stop immediately.  Thanks for putting a link to thin within on your site so I have some place to go for help that honors God and His infallible Word.


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