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Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down & My Sister Jayne

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Monday, April 10, 2006


Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down & My Sister Jayne

Just want to begin by telling you that I am Jayne Fiedler's sister. Allison.
I am not at all shocked by this article, in fact I thought many years ago that Jayne was involved with a cult or something just not "right"
Her reverance towards Gwen and all that is WD and her life began a change before our family's eyes years ago.  I don't know enough about the Bible and it's scripture or frankly felt that I was not worthy or Christian enough in any sense to have questioned her growth in God. As long as she is happy.
Few comments were said over the years about her fellowhsip and I felt a secrecy to a point about her circles of brothers and sisters. Gwen was in my point of view to much on a pedastal for Jayne to talk about with me. But I will tell you about the litle bits here and there that I have observed.
Jayne has a Ph.d in Psychology.. all had to be "unlearned"  -- Wow. So many years of hard work and now it means absolutely nothing. Which isn't surprising being a Christian and Psychology don't mix. Jayne was hired on at WD as a counselor and she was very excited about working so closely with Gwen. Jayne got to detail Gwen's Mercedes. Jayne was able to go to Gwen's house! It was a bit much. She was obviously in awe of Gwen and much of the time I could see that she didn't think she was worthy and yet so tender in her journey and relationship with God. She knew and said she had so much learning to do. Jayne was a sinner and selfish and needed to be completely subserveant to God's will.  I tend to forget Jayne began as a "student" of WD, weighing over 200 pounds, depressed and searching for God and spiritual healing. And it was a blessing! Jayne lost it all and has kept off the weight, more proof that Gwen then God or God then Gwen is truly awesome!
God and Gwen, Gwen and God. Not sure which one really came first. I saw my sister as needing to belong. Vulnerable. I could see my sister in the begining looking at Gwen and deciding right then and there that she wanted to be just like her; Christian,  and Thin, wanted to be her friend and wanted to be a part of her inner circle and set out to do just that. Years later I can say that she has accomplished what she set out to do, but at what cost?  Seemingly none.
On one visit to Jayne in Nashville before the church was built and on the way to Weigh Down headquarters to see where Jayne was working as a counselor,  I remember her telling me that Gwen didn't use an alarm clock and that God woke her up at times throughout the night to speak to her.. At that time it was like she was telling me a secret.  I sat there for a moment and responded by sharing with her that I too don't use an alarm clock and wake up right on time every morning.  I questioned her-- I wanted to know if God was also waking me up, speaking to me as well and why not? Silly maybe. I believe that God answers all prayer and that the holy spirit will guide and direct and even "speak" to our heart. I don't necessarily believe that God speaks directly to anyone. But that is me thinking and not believing.
Jayne has always been very loving, kind and loyal. We were allowed a tour of the Workshop and I saw the back room where they held church. I remember at the time asking her who was the head of the church and who or what affiliation did that person look to for guidance? I don't think she answered my question.
I think after my last visit to Nashville Jayne was very careful with sharing details about her life, in fact we just speak on the surface with her advising certain scripture to read and that is about it. She is joyful indeed!

Jayne was let go from her job as a counselor some time ago at WD but has remained as loyal as ever to Gwen and the church. Jayne is getting married in May. I was a bit surprised because we hadn't heard a word about Ron until she became engaged. She said she wasn't at all interested in Ron at first but was strongly advised to consider that this is what God wanted for Jayne. I am very happy for her. The only thing that I can say about the wedding and the only thing that suddenly occurred to me is none of her immediate family has been asked to particpate but be recognized as "honory" family. No maid of honor, no flower girl, my daugther is seven and asked if she was going to be the flower girl for Auntie Jayne's wedding.

I am so sorry that Jayne was a part of the harsh treatment given to you Maria and Adam.. I imagine Maria was closer to Jayne and knew more about her life and her as a woman devoted to Christ than I ever will.  I just can't believe that Jayne would not respond to an e-mail, not have anything to say.. just cut off a relationship based on what? really? If at this point, I questioned Jayne and her devotion to Remnent and Gwen I wouldn't get very far. That is so very sad.
Totally unacceptable. Jayne had warned me about the critical statements I might find online about Gwen and Remnent Church not too long ago, because she knows that I will research and seek to find the truth as well. Jayne doesn't keep me at a distance as much as I keep mine.
Because of my lack of Biblical knowledge and my "childlike" relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit,  I have only asked for discernment when seeking a church home and family. I have my brother and his wife on one side and my sister on the other. Both so stronly believe that there way is the right way, the correct way to worship God. I am left with the conclusion that there is no right way to worship God. Organized religion leaves me most distrustful.
I almost died thirteen years ago. Jayne more than likely has spoken of me and T.E.N.
I know by the grace of God that I am alive today. God in one moment forgave me of my sins, thank you Jesus!  I prayed to God to forgive me and said that I was ready to die that I was in his care. That very moment a God's peace came over me, a white whoosh, the Holy Spirit filled my being and I was not only saved again, renewed.. I knew I was going to live and my body began to immediately heal itself. That is what I know. All these years have gone by and I have been the one to resist the Lord and a relationship with him and find a church home.  There is hope yet, yes? :)
I don't know why I decided on this day to research Remnant Fellowship
Well after all of that I can tell you.. Church is fucked up. Nice place to go to like minds.. find yourself a man, get yourself involved.. maybe not feel so alone in the world.  This can backfire on your ass royal.  No doubt a "safe" place to find friends and love and assistance where it may be. Guidance on how to get to know God.. hmmmm.  I do believe Jesus was a man.. Was on this earth cuz God put himself here to make a BIG, HUGE statement that we are all sinners, we fuck up all the time. That there is one simple thing to do to ensure that whether your heart is red, green, black or purple your gonna be all right.. to contemplate and wonder and feel secure that when we die... that is not the end.  Some would just like it to be then end. Believe me, I have felt that more than anything working with the elderly.. Coming to peace is the death, it is the end.. Whether we care to know or feel the "spirit" or know it.. we all die.. that is the end of it already. The journey is for the most part, not what we intended, not what we hoped it would be, never the legacy we lived to accomplish. Not unless you are Mother Theresa, Ghandi.. Had a higher hope and aspiration for mankind. SO, ode to our existance and what does not come of it. The shit is.. when we die, we are gonna know it all... and if you are so blessed, able to somehow eeek that bit of knowledge onto one, or many....
My take is that it should be a place, a place to go.. no worries.  Is God is at the center? I think so... from my experience,  and now who can really say what it's all really about>?

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Allison, we'd agree with you. Heaven is a place, a real place to go. There are too many places called "church" that are actually prisons, not sanctuaries. It is risky to seek meaningful relationships that lift you up in such places. You can get torn down quickly in such places, called "church." And after a life lived out between extremes on one side or the other, it can seem like "church" is a dead end. But yes, God does answer prayer and He does speak to those who fear and love Him and you can hear Him through His Son's Words best of all. You don't need a "prophet" to tell you how to live. God can do that very well indeed without the cultic religion of manipulation that Remnant Fellowship has become. 

We'd just like to remind you that there still is also a hell to shun, even after a life of of struggle. That learning that horrible and eternal reality is nothing you want to learn about after "the end" comes and you haven't prepared yourself to avoid it by the only Way you can - by knowing Christ as a personal Savior. That the Body of Christ is where people like you, asking questions and struggling, seek to serve God and is still very alive all around you. That heaven is full of people who trusted Jesus and those whom His Spirit continued to work with the rest of their lives, purifying, sanctifying, building them up. That you are certainly not alone. Organized churches may seem chilling, but don't discount them all out. Some will be the snakepits you've described, but not all. We hope your journey to settling yourself in following the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) goes well and ends in that place of peace where God in Christ by the Spirit truly is in the Center of all things.

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