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Pentecostals And Charismatics: What's The Difference?

Compiled by Rafael D Martinez with great inspiration from Dr. Gerald Daffe, Lee University

                       Points Of Distinction                                             Pentecostal                                                             Charismatic

Faith Tradition Roots

19th Century Protestant "Holiness" Movements from Baptist-Methodist backgrounds

20th Century transdenominational movement w. Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox

Church Polity

Traditional denominational  forms created with various forms of government  

Mainly derived from former members of mainline & evangelical denominations

Holiness & Sanctification

Strong, clearly defined doctrinal positions (some led to austerity & legalism)

    Few strong doctrinal holiness emphases    (led to carnality & abuse of Christian liberty)
Doctrinal Distinctive Focus (several - one cited here)

Doctrine of spiritual gifts operated by the Spirit for edification of the Body

Doctrine of spiritual gifts given to believers to use as they see fit / personal gain

Holy Ghost Baptism Focus

Holy Ghost Baptism with speaking of tongues as "initial evidence", preceded by Sanctification

Holy Ghost Baptism evidenced by various signs, little to no emphasis on the necessity for Sanctification

Socioeconomic Makeup

Initially only black and white lower class with limited education (now changing)

Encompasses all socioeconomic sectors of human society globally

Church Order Motif

Strong emphases on worship, Biblical preaching, "Body ministry" and evangelism

Strong emphases on experiential worship, Biblical teaching, spiritual warfare and edification

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