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An Examination Of Charismatic & Pentecostal Excesses

From Evangelical Pentecostal Perspectives

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  Strange Fires Kindling : How Error Has Crept Into Pentecost 

 before you begin and before you judge us .. read our first article .

   Under Friendly Fire: Last Days Pentecost In The Valley Of Decision 

.. then read our next three ..




Whether you agree with them or not, you'll know where we are coming from by then

A Study In The Book Of Jude: Earnestly Contend For The Faith  - by Jack Jackson

What Is The Difference Between "Judging" And "Discernment"? - by Terry Bowers and Rafael Martinez

Prepared For The Slaughter: The Disarming Of The Church - Article by John Green

When Is A Revival A Revival?: Where Are All The Converted?

Pentecostal And Charismatic?  What's The Difference?

Restoration: A Contemporary Theological Extreme - by Scott Bullerwell


Sound Christian Doctrine


  Pentecostal Preaching: Online Sermons of Biblical Christian Pentecostal Doctrine  


The Jesus Only Message: "Apostolic" Or Apostasy? 


What Is The Oneness Message?: The Revival Of 2nd Century Heresy

Where The Jesus Name Message Came From: The Birth Of The Oneness Movement

Why The Oneness Message Must Be Rejected: A Pentecostal Perspective On "Jesus Only"

An Open Letter To Jesus Name Apostolics: Article By Pastor Charles T. Martin 


The Latter Rain Movement: "New Order" Or Wrong Order?


The Distant Thunder Of The Latter Rain: The Maverick Storm Front Moves In

The New Order Of The Latter Rain: Article by L. Thomas Holdcraft from Pneuma, Fall, 1980

Latter Rain Thought In Contemporary Circles: Manifest Sons Of God Leaven Today

The Outpouring Of Bill Hamon: The Teachings & Influence Of A Latter Rain Apologist

Book Review Of Bill Hamon's "Prophets And Personal Prophecy": Article by Norm Springer


The Word of Faith Movement: God In A Box


The Gospel According To The Faith Movement: What The "Prosperity Gospel" Claims

The Claims Of Faith Teaching: Examining Divine Health & Wealth

The Bottom Line Of Faith Teaching: Where Does It Actually Lead?

The God Of Faith Teaching: The Eternal God Or A"Faith God?" Among Little Gods?

A Christian Response To The Word of Faith Movement: A Pentecostal's Perspective

I Was Wrong: Excerpt From Jim Bakker's Autobiographical Book on the Faith "Gospel"

Miracles Today? A Benny Hinn Layover In Cleveland, Tennessee Remembered

Kenneth Copeland's Faith Teaching Under The Lights On Larry King Live: When Reality Bites .. Hard

When You Can't Come Back: By Dave and Jan Dravecky

Behind The Smiles: A Closer Look At Joel Osteen's Teachings  Articles by Rafael Martinez & Lance King

Americans Export The Gospel Of Prosperity: By Rev. Gerald Zandstra

Learning That "Blessed Are The Poor": By Dr. Robert Coles

What If You Ask, Believe, Don't Receive .. By Lalor Cadley (Roman Catholic perspective)


The "Five Fold Ministry": Godsent Governments or Clerical Control Freaks?


Spiritual Abuse And The Five Fold Ministry: The Fleecing Fathering Of The Flock (Real Audio coming)

Fleecing the Flock for Fun and Profit: A Handbook For The "Anointed" (click for offsite link & info)

The Other Side Of Discipleship - Article by Lawrence Pile

Super Apostles & Prophets: The Defrocking Of The Priesthood Of Believers

What The Five Fold Ministry Really Should Be According To The Bible: A Pentecostal's Perspective


ReExcite Us O Lord: Experiential Excess & Institutionalized Imbalance


The River Is Where?: How Carpet Time & Casting About Is Replacing The Spirit's Sovereignty

A Brief Tracing Of The "River Of God" Movements: Article by Leonard Bay and Rafael Martinez

Impartation, Anointing, and Manifestation - Article by Leonard Bay and Rafael Martinez

Where God Is Moving - Sermon by Loran Livingston (reposted by permission of Central COG)

My Journey From Darkness Into Light: "Revival" Memories Of A River And Deliverance Survivor

Endtime Revival: Spirit-led And Spirit Controlled: An Assemblies of God Document, August 2000 (PDF)

Spiritual Warfare: Separating Fact From Fantasy - Article by Larry Thomas

The "Year Of Jubilee": The Birth And Death Of A 1998 Fireworks Show Remembered

The Gold Diggers of '99: Manifestation Roadshows - Coming To A Theater Near You

The Lakeland Revival of '08: The "Quick Work" Remembered

What A Day For A Daydream: The Nightmare Of  Select Fivefold Dreams & Visions


Straying Embers


"Salvation" by Langston Hughes: When Faith Is Something You're Told To Believe And Really Don't

The G12 Controversy:  An Overview And Helpful Articles (click for offsite link & info)

The Church of God "Prophetic Conference" Of 2002: Making Room For Trouble

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal: Spring Or Winter?

Faith Means Whatever The Flock Desires: Article by Mike Thomas

A Christless Pentecost: Is Christ A Stranger Among Us Article by David Wilkerson

What Is Wrong With "Ecumenical"?: Article by Opal L. Reddin

Why Jimmy Swaggart Still Needs To Repent

Jimmy Swaggart's "Message Of The Cross" Examined: The Gospel Truth Or Another Gospel? (2 Parts)

Pentecostal Ponzi And Charismatic Pyramids: Where The Love Of Money Takes The Collection Plate

Getting Healed With Jee-sus And Gospel Duck: Article by Gustavo Arellano

Generational Curses: Fear And Loathing Of A Bad Doctrine

Revelation Knowledge: God Said What?

The Devil You Say: The Full Gospel Obsession Over The Demonic

Prophecy Clubbed: "Apostle" Stan Johnson's End Time Paranoia 

Higher Deceptions: A Review Of Carlton Pearson's Universalizing "Doctrine Of Inclusion"


  "Sugar Daddy God" by John Hancock: Listen to the page music in a YouTube video - click here  



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