Recommendations For The Outreach Of Spiritwatch Ministries

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Rafael Martinez and (the) ministry. For eight years I pastored Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee where .. Rafael taught a children's Sunday School class at Westmore and was one of our finest teachers. It was during this time that God stirred their hearts to begin a ministry which had as its purpose to reach out to people who had become  entrapped in cultic teaching. 

The ministry was operated as an outreach of the Westmore Church of God and ultimately became known as the Tennessee Valley Bible Students Association. Through the years this ministry has grown in its influence and outreach. Today it is a respected ministry that is sound in its orthodoxy and caring in its outreach. Many have been the success stories of lives who have been impacted and changed through their ministry. 

Should you have the opportunity to have Brother and Sister Martinez for a service or a conference, you will find them to be gracious, biblically sound and well-informed concerning the subjects they deal with. While their message is straight-forward in its proclamation, they are compassionate in their concern. They will be a blessing to your church.

Pastor David Bishop, Church of God executive leader and pastor

This is to endorse the work and ministry of Reverend Rafael  Martinez and to recommend him to any church, organization, ministry, or minister that could profit from his very broad training and from his experienced ministerial and personal evangelism activities. I have known Reverend Martinez for some eight years and am convinced that his reputation and character are unimpeachable. 

He is a young man of great integrity who has a most pleasing personality, who is blessed with abundant patience in counseling with and witnessing to others, and who has well demonstrated an unusual ability to work effectively with and to get along well with people of all races and at every level of society .. in consideration of his almost unparalleled participation for a young disciple in such a wide variety of ministerial experiences and training, 

I recommend most highly the favorable consideration of his application to any church, congregation, denomination, fellowship, ministry or church leader that is in need of someone who could be successful in programs of church growth, outreach projects, personal and cult evangelism, prayer programs, child evangelism and in preaching and  teaching ministries.

Dr. Charles Beach, Lee University professor 

I would like to recommend the ministry of Reverend Rafael Martinez and his wife to you. They are choice servants of God who have dedicated their lives to the area of counter-cult and discernment ministry. In a day when America is no longer one nation under God, but one nation under many concepts of God the ministry of the Tennessee Valley Bible Students Association is a much needed gift to the body of Christ at large. .. Our entire congregation was blessed by their presentations. This ministry is much needed in our day of tolerance and pluralism. The Martinez' focus is to help teach the Body of Christ how to have discernment in this trying hour. They will bless you and yours if given the opportunity to minister.

Pastor John Hughes, Whitwell Church of God, Whitwell TN

(Reverend Martinez has) excelled in all aspects of leadership .. (of) the counter-cult ministry to which they have been .. Reverend Martinez has received extensive training and necessary education confirming how mind control has been used by local cult groups to dominate and manipulate men, women an even to a lesser degree, children. 

Their ministry therefore of tracking, analyzing and counteracting these aberrant and destructive practices are highly welcome especially in the times we are living presently. His strength of character is unimpeachable and personal attributes are highly respected. I can personally recommend Rafael .. where ever this letter is intended to be receipted as being Christian leaders that exemplify virtue, honesty, reliability, sincerity and a genuine love for people especially those suffering spiritual abuse.

Pastors Daniel and Millie Sylverston, Church of God Chaplain, Ireland


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